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Wakala (For Term Investments)

Wakala refers to a contract where an investor authorizes an entrepreneur (Al-Falaah) to do certain financial transactions on his/her behalf. It is a contract of agency where Al-Falaah will act as an agent of the investor, while charging a fixed management fee (Wakala Fee). The profit of the Wakala will be shared according to a mutually pre-agreed profit rate. If the agent succeeds in generating a surplus (higher than agreed profit rate), he/she may retain it as agreed on the Wakala Agreement. Benefits at a glance: Higher profits, Highest Safety and Security Long term financial planning.

Wakala Investments, while providing an alternative to fixed or term deposit methodology, gives the investor a path to plan out investment returns and financial security.

  • Higher profits
  • Highest Safety and Security
  • Long term financial planning
  • Corporate Fixed deposits