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Murabahah is a contract of sale between a customer and Al-Falaah under which Al-Falaah first purchases the goods at the request of the customer and then sells these good to the same customer adding profit.

If you wish to purchase a commodity or an asset, this product enables us to guide you towards the most suitable solution to satisfy your needs and help you achieve success. Ideal for enterprises, it is designed to help you grow your business as we believe in encouraging entrepreneurship – the driving force towards prosperity.

As an asset-based finance, this product is also ideal for personal goals as we know how important securing a home or a vehicle is to you and your family. As your partner, we will purchase an asset for you while you enjoy the benefits by simply paying fixed monthly installments.

  • Assets are purchased based at market- prices, where profit margins are competitive
  • Payments can be made through installment or as structured payments to suit your cash-flow
  • Applicable only for trade finance and purchase of property, registered vehicles, plant, machinery, equipments and commodities