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Our products are based on the principle of profit-sharing. Al-Falaah ensures that each and every investment is handled within the Shari’ah guidelines, and is designed to suit the requirements of our valued customers

Mudharabah Investments

Mudharabah Investments is a profit-sharing agreement between two parties – the investor and entrepreneur (Al-Falaah). The better the performance of the business, the higher the profit payable to you – shared between the investor and entrepreneur on a pre-determined ratio agreed by both parties.

  • Choice of investment options ranging from 1 month to 60 months term
  • Option of receiving profit returns on a monthly, annual or at-maturity basis
  • Profits can be paid to your Mudharabah Savings Account maintained with us or to another bank account as required by you
  • Access to 7 dedicated Al-Falaah centers and over 100+ LOLC Finance branches and service centres islandwide

Mudharabah Savings Account

An extension of Mudharabah, this unique savings account offers the convenience of easy savings, with an electronically updated passbook, which provides you access through any one of the company’s branches. An industry-first ATM card linked to the Maestro network, thereby enabling you to access your account via the international ATM network.

  • Fully-integrated Savings Account with Pass Book and ATM facilities
  • Global Access through VISA Debit Card & ATM Access
  • LOLC Real-Time Internet-Banking
  • Access to 600+ Commercial Bank ATM machines island wide
  • Widest reach with 7 dedicated Al-Falaah centres and more than 100+ LOLC Finance branches and service centres island-wide
  • Unlimited withdrawals and deposits
  • Highest profit returns on a monthly basis
  • Supervised by industry leading Shari’ah scholars