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World credit card

The majestic 'Sesatha' conveys the traditional connotation of wealth and denotes the bliss of prosperity. It also signifies plentiful life with perfection. As your credit card partner, we at LOLC Finance invite you to step into a way of life filled with happiness and bliss coupled with an array of benefits and exclusive global privileges. With the greatest standards of security, maximum convenience and worldwide acceptance, utilise your LOLC Finance Mastercard World Credit Card to 'Fuel the goodness in you' by radiating your inner happiness to everyone around you.

Eligibility Requirement - Monthly Net Income of Rs 500,000/- and above

Documents Required

Common Documents
  • Duly completed standard credit card application form
  • Certified copy of NIC / Driving Licence / Passport (Expired identification documents will not be accepted)
  • Copy of a Utility bill dated within last three months under the prospective card holder’s name , if the permanent address differs from the NIC address.
  • Proof of other income if the prospective cardholder declares additional income
  • Latest credit card statement (Optional)
  • Employment confirmation letter to verify the status of the employment, length of service, details of the salary, EPF details and designation.
  • Latest salary slip certified by employer
  • Business Registration (BR)
  • Form 1, 2A and Form 20 (If applicable) in case the company is a limited liability.
  • Letter from auditor confirming annual income for last 2 years.
  • Audited or management accounts
  • Current or savings bank account statements for last 3 months
  • Tax returns for last 2 years (optional)
  • Adequate proof that the applicant has been engaged in the profession for last one year
  • Copy of the license to practice / professional membership card from the relevant professional body
  • Latest income tax returns (Optional)

Settling your Credit Card bills

Payment by Cash

  • Cash payments could be made at any of the LOLC Finance Branches.
  • Please do not send cash by post.
  • Payments made on Saturdays will be processed on the next working day.
  • Cheques should be crossed (A/C payee only) and should include the Card number. Eg. Pay LOLC Finance PLC, O/A card no xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx.
  • Third party cheques drawn in favour of the cardholder will not be accepted, unless they are made out as in the above example.
  • Funds will be available in the credit card account subject to cheque realization. Please leave minimum of three working days and maximum of six working days for processing and clearing of cheques.
  • Cash cheques and post-dated cheques will not be accepted for payments.
  • Please allow minimum nine working days for payments to reach the account if cheque payments are made by post.
  • All cheques sending through post should be addressed to “Manager - Credit Card Operations, No 438, Havelock Road, Colombo 05”.

The cardholder can avail himself of the Standing Instruction facility to debit his LOLC Finance savings account for settlement of the credit card bill. The Cardholder can choose a percentage between 5% - 100% of the statement balance to be debited on the due date.

Use LOLC REAL TIME to transfer funds from your LOLC Finance savings account to your credit card account free of charge.

The cardholder can transfer funds to the credit card account from the other bank’s savings/current accounts through CEFTS

No.438, Havelock Road, Colombo 05 Sri Lanka.

Customer Care: +94 11 5718888 (General)