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Mr. B C G de Zylva - Non-Executive Chairman

Mr. Brindley de Zylva is the Chairman of the Boards of LOLC Finance PLC &LOLC (Cambodia) PLC. He is also the Managing Director of LOLC Myanmar Micro-Finance Company Limited. He also served the LOLC Group as the MD/CEO of LOLC Finance PLC from 2003 to 2015 and Director LOLC Micro Credit in 2017/18. Prior to joining the LOLC Group, he had served the Non-Bank Financial Services Industry (NBFI) in Sri Lanka since 1984 in both Licensed Finance Companies and Specialised Leasing Companies holding Board and General Management positions.

He has a wide range of expertise and experience in the NBFI sector; covering Marketing & Sales, Credit and Recovery Management, and Finance. Mr. de Zylva, a Fellow of the Sri Lanka Institute of Credit Management served as its Honorary Secretary for a period of five years between 2010 & 2015. He also served as a Member of the Council of Management of the Finance Houses Association of Sri Lanka for nine years four of which as a Vice Chairman.

He also served as a Director of the Financial Ombudsman Sri Lanka (Guarantee) Limited. These positions were relinquished in 2015. He is also a Non-Executive Director of Navajeevana Rehabilitation - Tangalle, a Non-Governmental Organisation in Sri Lanka serving the disabled.

Mr. I C Nanayakkara - Executive Deputy Chairman

Mr. Ishara Nanayakkara is a prominent entrepreneur serving on the boards of many corporates and conglomerates in the region. He initially ventured into the arena of financial services with a strategic investment in LOLC Holdings PLC. and was appointed to the Board in 2002.

Today, he is the Deputy Chairman of LOLC Group, holding directorships in many of its subsidiaries and associate companies. His vision to cater to the entire value chain of the finance sector manifested in the development of microfinance, Islamic finance, factoring through LOLC Factors, LOLC Life & General Insurance Companies and stock broking through LOLC Securities Ltd. Leveraging LOLC Group's expertise in the SME sector, the expansion into the micro sector was spearheaded by Mr. Nanayakkara, through LOLC Micro Credit Ltd., and BRAC Lanka Finance PLC.

This interest in microfinance led to the growth of LOLC Group's international footprint, starting with an investment in PRASAC, the largest microfinance Company in Cambodia, followed by the inauguration of LOLC Myanmar Microfinance Company Ltd., a green field investment in Myanmar in which he wasthe founding Chairman, as well as his strategic involvement in LOLC Cambodia Ltd., the fifth largest microfinance company in Cambodia. Building upon his forte in microfinance, LOLC Grouphas further expanded its offshore portfolio with Mr. Nanayakkara serving as a Director of Pak Oman Microfinance Bank Limited, a joint venture based in Pakistan between the Governments of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Sultanate of Oman.

Mr. Nanayakkara's motivation to expand into various growth peripheries is further illustrated through his role as the Executive Chairman of Browns Investments PLC. Through various strategic investments, he is committed to catalysing development in the growth sectors of the Sri Lankan economy. Endorsing his entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Ishara Nanayakkara received the prestigious 'Young Entrepreneur of the Year' Award at the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA) in 2012. He holds a diploma in Business Accounting from Australia.

Key appointments: Deputy Chairman - LOLC Holdings PLC & Seylan Bank PLC, Executive Chairman - Browns Investments PLC, Chairman - LOLC Life Assurance Ltd., BRAC Lanka Finance PLC, Director - Associated Battery Manufacturers (Cey) Ltd., Sierra Construction Ltd., PRASAC, the largest microfinance company in Cambodia, LOLC Myanmar Microfinance Co. Ltd., Pak Oman MFB, LOLC Holdings (Pvt) Ltd., LOLC Asia (Pvt) Ltd., LOLC International Private Limited and LOLC Private Limited.

Mr. R D Tissera - Executive Deputy Chairman

Mr. Ravi Tissera joined the LOLC Group in 1993 and is a Development Finance Specialist. Mr. Tissera was the founder CEO of LOLC Micro Credit Ltd. (LOMC), Sri Lanka's largest microfinance provider. LOMC was amalgamated with LOLC Finance PLC (LOFIN) on 29th March 2018 to create Sri Lanka's largest Non Bank Financial Institution where he will continue to serve on the Board. He also serves on the Boards of LOLC Cambodia PLC, LOLC Myanmar Microfinance Ltd., Pak Oman Microfinance Bank Pakistan and LOLC Development Finance PLC. Mr. Tissera has obtained his Post Graduate in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing UK. He has also followed strategic leadership training at Harvard Business School.

During his tenure as CEO, LOMC became the only microfinance provider in Sri Lanka to receive the certification for the Client Protection Principals from the SMART Campaign USA and also became a case study at INSEAD Business School.

Mrs. K U Amarasinghe - Executive Director

Mrs. Kalsha Amarasinghe holds an Honours Degree in Economics and has an outstanding vision for investments. She serves on the Boards of subsidiaries of Browns Group of Companies and LOLC Holdings PLC.

Other key appointments: Executive Director - LOLC Holdings PLC, LOLC Finance PLC, LOLC Life Assurance Limited, Palm Garden Hotels PLC, Riverina Resorts (Pvt) Ltd., Eden Hotel Lanka PLC, Brown & Co. PLC, Browns Investments PLC, Browns Capital PLC, Green Paradise (Pvt) Ltd., Sun & Fun Resorts Ltd. and Browns Holdings Ltd.

Mrs. D P Pieris - Independent Director

Mrs. Priyanthi Pieris, an Attorney-at-Law of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka, has over 38 years of experience in Corporate and Financial Law. Mrs. Pieris is also a Solicitor of England & Wales. She is currently in Private Practice. Mrs. Pieris served on the Boards of Forbes & Walker Ltd., Forbes Ceylon Ltd, Forbes Stock Brokers Ltd., Forbes Air Services Ltd. (General Sales Agent for Emirates), Vanik Corporate Services Ltd., Office Network (Pvt) Ltd., Capital Reach (Holdings) Ltd and Associated Motorways Ltd.

Mrs. Pieris currently serves on the Boards of Associated Electrical Corporation Ltd., Abans Electricals Ltd., Asia Asset Finance PLC, PW Corporate Secretarial (Pvt) Ltd., Asian Centre for Lease Education (Pvt) Ltd., MTN Corporate Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., Sithijaya Fund (Pvt) Ltd. Mrs. Pieris served as the Legal Adviser to the Ministry of Finance from 2002 - 2004 and as Legal Consultant to the Colombo Stock Exchange from 2004 - 2011.

Mrs. Pieris is also a member of the Committees set up by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka to recommend amendments to the Takeovers & Mergers Code 1995 (as amended) and the Rule for Corporate Governance.

Mr. P A Wijeratne - Independent Director

Mr. Wijeratne has over 20 years of experience in Accounting, Financial reporting, Investment of internal funds, Foreign loan disbursements and repayments, Auditing and Administration as an ex-Officio of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. He has joined CBSL in 1991 and has worked in the Finance, Public Debt Management and Internal Audit deportments till his retirement in year 2016.

He holds a BA degree in Economics (Special Field - Commerce) from University of Kelaniya and a postgraduate Diploma in Accounting and Financial Economics. He has read for his MSc in Accounting and Financial Economics at the University of Essex, UK.

Mr. A Nissanka - Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Nissanka counts over 25 years of experience in the Banking and Finance sector having commenced his career in 1993 with Seylan Bank PLC prior to joining LOLC Group in 1998 and having held the responsibilities of Strategic Marketing Planing, Development and Management of the Retail Channels for LOLC Finance PLC, LOLC Micro Credit Ltd., and LOLC Insurance Ltd.

He possesses an MBA from Edith Cowan University, Australia, a Graduate Diploma from Chartered Institute of Marketing - UK (CIM), a Certified Management Accountant from the Institute of Certified Management Accountants Australia (CMA) as well as a member of Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM).

He currently serves as a Member of the Council of Management of the Finance Houses Association of Sri Lanka, Board of Director of the Leasing Association of Sri Lanka, Deputy Chairman of the Financial Ombudsman Sri Lanka (Guarantee) Limited and Council Member of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants Australia (CMA).